-Do ask close friends and family members to take part in your wedding party.
-Don’t ask a friend that you knew 10 years ago. Unless you communicate on a weekly or
monthly basis, people change.
-Don’t have children under the age of five (5). Most children get stage freight in front of a lot of
people. Unless you know that they love to ham and cheese it up in front of a crowd.
-Do have children over the age of five (5) of close family and friends. They will remember being
in your wedding and appreciate it more.
-Do choose a Maid of Honor and Best Man that deserve it. Just because they’re your brother or
sister or friend of twenty (20) years, doesn’t mean they are reliable or deserving or able to serve
in that important role.
-Do chose someone who you can count on to support you, assist you, and not be jealous of you
when you’re in the limelight.
-Don’t have thirty (30) people in your wedding party. Choosing one (1) to eight (8) attendants for
each side (bride and groom) is appropriate. You don’t want half your wedding guests in your
wedding party.
-Do choose three (3) or four (4) (or more of you just can’t decide) people who will support you
and feel honored to stand with you on one of the most important days of your life.
-Don’t worry about the sides being uneven. Pictures will still look amazing because you hired an
awesome photographer that your awesome wedding planner recommended.
-Do ask the advice of your soon-to-be husband or wife. The last thing you want is to have
someone in your wedding party that your significant other doesn’t like. Be fair and pick your
wedding battles.
-Do ask the advice of your awesome wedding planner. We’ve seen it all and can guide you
through the tough decisions.
-Don’t have your dog be apart of the wedding party. It’s cute in pictures, say before or after the
ceremony but not during. Unless you know that your dog will sit with a family member and not
try to run and sniff everything, don’t do it! (I have two pups and opted to have pictures taken with
them after they had dinner so they were full and happy and not sniffing butts.)
-Do have family members that have a hard time walking come down the aisle. We will make
accommodations for them. Whether we need to have a chair for them before they walk down
the aisle or a wheelchair to make their “walk” easier and more enjoyable, we will assist them
any way needed. They deserve to be apart of your special day.
-Don’t choose wedding attire that you’re wedding party will hate, i.e.: attire that is not
appropriate for the temperature (too hot or not covered up enough), uncomfortable, or goofy
-Do choose attire for your wedding party that fits your wedding style and personality, that you
love but is comfortable, well fitting and appropriate for your venue. Your wedding party is a
reflection of you and your style. Attire should not be too trendy and will still be beautiful when
you look back on your photos years later. The last thing you want is to have a bridesmaid trip
down the aisle because of a crazy poofy dress or sky-high heels.
-Do choose attire that is appropriate for the sizes of your wedding party especially your
bridesmaids. Be mindful of how they will feel in a certain dress. If one of them is more
conservative, allow her to wear a little jacket.
-Don’t choose dresses that are too revealing. You don’t want your girls to feel uncomfortable or
self-conscious. It will come through in pictures. Be mindful of boob size. No one wants too much
cleavage on wedding day especially in front of family.
-Do be mindful of the cost it takes to be apart of a wedding party. Bridesmaids and groomsmen
will have to pay for their attire, jewelry, and usually hair and makeup unless you choose to pay
for hair and makeup or gift them jewelry to wear on wedding day. If your wedding is destination,
they will have to pay for plane tickets and a hotel room.
Being in a wedding party is fun, exciting, and an honor. Make sure you have people by your side
who view it as such and your wedding will be a party to remember!! Don’t forget to hire KC
Weddings and Events as your planner to ensure your wedding goes from ordinary to