What does a wedding day coordinator or wedding day planner do?

     You’ve searched tirelessly but all you can find is a barrage of ads for local wedding planners, venues, and other wedding related vendors. Well here’s you answer: a wedding coordinator or planner coordinates your rehearsal, your ceremony, and your reception. Seems simple right? Well if it was that simple, you wouldn’t be searching the Internet looking for an answer to such a valid question. Obviously it’s much more complex than that. If you’re asking that question, blowing up the search engines, it’s likely that you need a wedding day coordinator, at the very least.

A wedding day coordinator is responsible for knowing and understanding every single aspect of your ceremony and reception. We spend the first week (typically starting between 4-6 weeks out) learning about you and your partner and each other’s respective families and guests to build a truer understanding of how you envision your big day. Whether it’s wedding day coordination or partial planning, we need to reach out to all of your vendors to get their detailed timelines. In reviewing their timelines, we’re able to dig into the details and solve problems before they happen. We often find gaps in expectations between our clients and their vendors, which is why we review all contracts.

Contract review


One of the single-most important things a wedding coordinator does for you is contract review. All of your vendors are going to brag about what they DO for you in their proposals and contracts. Very few of them will discuss what they DON’T do, nor should they. After all, they’re only focused on their area of expertise and often rely on the team of professionals around them to fill in the gaps. The wedding coordinator that you hire ensures that those gaps are filled.

We start by looking at the big picture. Then we move onto to your vendors, the relationship between how all of the pieces fit together, and then delve into the most miniscule details. In doing so, we ensure that no stone is left unturned and that everyone is on the same page. By the time we send out the master timeline, roughly 1-2 weeks before the event, everyone is crystal clear on every detail and our client’s vision. The master timeline also allows you, the client, the opportunity to put the finishing touches on things.

When wedding day comes, we’re responsible for ensuring all of the details come to fruition and that you don’t have to stress a single second about it. A wedding planner brings peace throughout the process and joy on the big day!